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Skin and bones... After.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

You know what is scary? Eating disorders.

Last night, I went to the avant-première of La peau et les os... Après. It is a documentary that picks up from Johanne Prégent’s 1988 film revolving around young girls and their desire to change themselves and how drastic this change becomes.
Seventeen years later, one of the girls portrayed in the chocking film is now the director of what she wants to call a movie about healing. Hélène Bélanger-Martin brings together the girls that she met when the original documentary was filmed to talk about the reality of what they went through as young girls with eating disorders.
Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Johanne Prégent’s documentary. I don’t know the depth that was touched within the picture but I can tell you that Après is not willing to go into details of the past, it wants to paint a brighter future. It tries to answer questions but sometimes fails due to the frailty of the subject. One thing that was clear, for me anyway, is that as young girls they all wanted to escape... They all wanted to find the exit and push themselves through at any cost. Fears that only they kept and maybe keep still within them slowly grasped their perception of what life was about and how they had to live in it.
Then there’s Charlotte. She is presently at a center that treats people with eating disorders. At 17, her outlook on life is dark and the only solace she can find is in time spent with her dog. Why? Because the animal does not judge.
The contrast between the lush getaway scenery of the group of four women against the blank walls of the young girl’s small grey room helps draw up the answers that were not spoken in the film.
Sadly, Charlotte was not at the screening last night and I could not give her what she says is all she needs: a hug.

In the following cinemas (French - no reservations)
-Starcité de Ste-Foy
-Starcité de Hull
-Maison du cinéma

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