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How to seem

Friday, October 29, 2010

An ode to the Top Ten Holloween Costumes:

Top Ten+4 Movie Characters To Incarn For Halloween

Raymond "Ray / Rain Man" Babbitt
(Rain Man)

Clementine Kruczynski
(Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

Marty McFly
(Back to the Future)

Bob Harris
(Lost in Translation)

Carol Anne Freeling

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade
(Scent of a Woman)

Annie Hall

William Blake
(Dead Man)

Irene Cassini

Dr. Ian Malcolm
(Jurassic Park)

Carl Fredricksen

Daniel Plainview
(There Will Be Blood)

Major Motoko Kusanagi
(Ghost in the Shell)

John Malkovich
(Being John Malkovich)

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3:33 pm



Saturday, October 23, 2010

During the rest of the year, reaching out to people is so damn easy.
But now, through the pushy wind and heavy rain
with it's haunting chirps of a deadly season
the gloom fool is constantly dancing on my doorstep
making it near impossible for me to step outside
without any fuss.

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5:05 pm


Going mainstream

Friday, October 15, 2010

This is it

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11:18 pm


Friday, October 08, 2010

It looks empty but it's not. There is something in that jar. It could appear uninteresting from a few feet away but if you lean in close, you'll notice... something.

It has no legs, making almost unperceived miniature movements with a strange one-armed head. Freak? Perhaps. If it's what you seek. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the show.

I couldn't let it climb up that wall and leave it be. It had to pay. It had to be observed and studied so I covered it with a jar but not in a melodramatic way. Now the new world is found on the corner of a desk, ready to fall whenever luck would have it. Gather around and gaze into the mystery. Find yourself and find some friends in the glow of this everlasting thirst to know.

A desire to understand pushes hands in directions that respect would never inspire.

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posted by Primessa Espiritu
10:19 pm


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