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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not everything is evil within the Fbook world. Through my thirty something contacts there is one Richard, quite sharp and talented fellow, who posted a link to the Guru site. More precisely, a link to a speech by Charlie. 

I have been going through it, visually, vertically, in random peeks, back and forth for a few days now. I understand why Richard decided to share it: the speech is oozing with twisted ephemeral truths. After viewing the video and listening to the mp3, I printed out the PDF (all available for free download on the Guru page) to find myself covering it with Crayola orange. I now understand why Richard invited everyone to pick just one quote from the speech. Quickly I replied with "Power is a great disguise." which at the time seemed to say it all. Perhaps I could have waited a few days before choosing. Perhaps I could have gone crazy after a few days in my mission to simply pick one out of so many solid ideas.

Will just one quote suffice to convince you to take a few minutes to view, listen or read this speech? Possible.

I am painfully conscious of the harm that occurs
when participating in the media with unclear
intentions. I do not want to be a salesman, I do not
want to scream, ‘Buy me!’ or, ‘Watch me!’ And I
don’t want to do that tonight. What I’m trying to
express – what I’d like to express – is the notion that,
by being honest, thoughtful and aware of the
existence of other living beings, a change can
begin to happen in how we think of ourselves and
the world, and ourselves in the world.
-Charlie Kaufman

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6:10 pm


Violent Skies

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

You were still a boy a few waves ago. Through the downpour of meteors and pull of anchors, you filled your lungs with new breath and your chest grew like sails, without ever losing that smirk on that sunny face of yours.

Aye, aye, the past may be as sweet as the sunset on salty waters. I see how the sand has scrubbed your soul and body and left them brilliant and fragile. The ocean took you in when your eyes were dry, when your blood was thick with lightning.

Once wrapped in cables, now you pull them, bringing shores to you. The thunder of your feet calling sirens to your side. The sky has slipped on your crown and has fallen for you, taking me down under with the broken bottles and lost words.

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12:37 am


Over and over

Thursday, August 02, 2012

black coffee
one cream
one milk
one petite spoon

raw sugar packs
two punch rip
empty and wait
stir and unstir

open cream
pour in
open milk
pour in

fold empties
empty packs
into empty cup
into empty cup

stir and unstir

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5:22 pm


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