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Sunday, August 20, 2006

I wonder if it’s raining in California. I sometimes miss all the California heat. When I think back, most of what I remember is sunny and shinny. Memories full of music, coffee, sunshine, art, music, beaches, slang, bands and more bands. I can’t say that if my beau at the time wasn’t a musician that I would have been exposed to so much music, but the local scene in Sacramento was much more accessible than it is here in Montreal. Every corner turned revealed a show flyer. Every person met was either in a band, working with a band or was dating a band member. For me, the girl who grew up with a father figure who played guitar, very well, had a voice that could eclipse any other and who would bring strange and wonderful musical instruments home, it was Shangri-la. Although the town was crawling with “renowned” musicians, ignorance is bliss when it comes to meeting them, having never seen their face or looked-up their name you are just honestly open to meeting them without any expectation.

One band that completely blew me away was NED. I now know them by name and face. I discovered them when they played with the band David was in. I remember seeing them set up and wondering what kind of sound all this was going to add up to. They had so much gear that it was hard to believe they would be able to operate them all skillfully. Once they started playing, I was floored. Parts of my body would just start moving and my mouth curled up into a solid smile. They were producing this sound, this sound that you seek when you have been fed the same thing for too long, this sound was incredible. Their music was stretched across the room with wires of noise, intricate curtains of symphonies and blows of light.

I never buy band T-shirts. I refuse to wear any piece of cloth with a logo on it. But now when I wonder where NED has gone, I almost regret not buying that sweet portion of art that showcased another part of NEDs talent. But a message from Nate, who played bass (among other things) in the band, leads me to believe that I may get another chance:

...tonight we're all meeting up for the first time since the excrement hit the fan. whatever happens some form of ned will survive. we've been coming up with new material and are itching to perform, that is what remains of ned.

...in hopes that you will take a listen to what these guys have to offer and will discover a band that is full of promise. If you like what you hear, why not drop them a line here?

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posted by Primessa Espiritu
8:34 pm


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