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To ride the circle, From the Choirgirl Hotel

Friday, September 01, 2006

easy, begin with the sound of a trumpet
surrender then start your engines
you'll know quite soon what my mistake was
warmth, the middle, the unfeeling of pain or extasy
my oven, your current, we make closets or books
our faces across pictures of our ghosts
for those on horse back or dog sled
you turn at the bend in the road
I am not asking you to believe in me
or in the girl who may be
although I willingly forgot her
the offering is molasses and you say
the temperature is crazy, you can't make this up
I purchased a voice on bad plastic
and now it keeps on skipping
I guess I'm an underwater thing so I
guess I can´t take it personally
no approach to know blood circulation
what makes it
rage behind the cheeks
tames the swell of the eyes
I guess I'm an underwater thing I´m
liquid running
stop skipping the words that we have figured out
ones that ears open for
there's a sea secret in me
tonite lights go on for the old children
hats fly off and change falls from the sky
it's plain to see it is rising
and i have to go to it, get to it
this business of splitting wires, live wires
current open and closed
but I must be flowing liquid diamonds
calling for my soul
at the corners of the world
the boys are packing it up until the ride is sidewalk
she's waiting for the bell to sound her off her chair
I know she's playing poker with the rest of the stragglers
calling for my soul at the corners of the world
you look like you could use a bear
hug when the clowns have left their cages open
and the pig is flying to new land
for another flower in a vase of glass and new hay
I know she´s playing poker
or one of those pianos that guitarate
play me that song, ocean floor dance
and if your friends don't come back to you
let me turn the page
this is where the crown becomes a shoe
and you know this is madness
my mirror, my sister, my boat
perfume stain on your dreams, you don't have to wait for me to say
keep it between the sheets, the screens, the leaves
dear autumnal river death
a lilac mess in your prom dress
i will let you jump on my waterbed
and you say I guess I'm an underwater thing
easy, the end sounds like a trumpet

Was hypnotized by a strange delight

posted by Primessa Espiritu
11:40 pm


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