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what to own (draft)

Friday, September 29, 2006

Own the look you slip into every morning.

What a strange line. What are we talking about here? The way that we perceive our daily life or how we are perceived?

I like jeans. I think jeans are one of the greatest inventions of all time. Until now, my wardrobe has consisted of jeans and this, jeans and that. The best jeans in my opinion are the slightly loose fitting type, which are mostly out of production due to the saturation of extremely low waist tight fitting jeans sold in the woman's section of every clothing store in North America.

But let's go back to the perception code. Specifically, I want to talk about what we hang in and what hangs on us. Women in most fashion bibles are skinny, shiny, tall and quiet. Is it good mirror imaging? Is it bad? If it's bad, who's fault is it? Is there a fault?

Sometimes I think that most people dive into magazine types because there lies the easy comfort of being pre-defined. It requires almost no effort. What magazines offer is the luxury of choosing your preference (or someone else's) and buying your way in the scenery. But if you just look the part but fail to play it, you may be pre-defined as a poser. So...

Own the look you slip into every morning.

That's what a girl on tv said. If you are wearing sexy clothing, act sexy, feel sexy to be sexy. That's what owning it means. Play the part. If you are successful at looking the part and are convincing others that you are IT, then you have succeeded in controlling a small part of the way they perceive you. Now, isn't that a comfort in a world where you can control so little but the choices you make day in and day out?

Being comfortable with who you are is not what's important here. Rather being comfortable with who other people think you are is rewarding.

There are not many options in life where by a push of a button, you get what you want. Well, there is always the drive-through window...

(See traffic signs below.)

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posted by Primessa Espiritu
5:01 pm


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