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Before it falls

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Here is a little something I found on getunderground.com :

Fuck City
12.31.06 - by: Dave Nordling

Monica was not a celibate saint.
Take me down, sexy darling.
Take me all the way down!
Bright lights splash on your tanning curves
Silhouettes of your chiseled features shine through
Wet nature can squeeze into soothing fabric
Warm science can boost your organic lust
Meditate to erect your composure
As firm as the plastic can promise
By the white, rising phallic towers scraping
Sky over the sea of sexual ponderings
A walk on the beach with all your candy
Stuffed in the tiny triangle tied to your hips
Swing your reputation built on one breathless evening
Everyone tells stories to their trainer, their shrink, their dry-cleaner
Joke them if they can’t take a fuck!
Such glassy substance from sparkling style
Industrial product sold in boutique trinkets
Your slick business card will look great
On the headboard of my bargaining table!
I’m a rug-sucker for romance on the go.
I bought a subscription for my guest room.
Right next to my personalized religion comfort-fitted
Just left of my nightstand with the conversation tools
A lubricant of sorts to get things moving
Because everything goes down smooth in this place.
This is FUCK CITY. The intercourse of casual meeting.
Where none of us get absorbed.
Here we collect phone numbers for charity
A weekend is a long time
If I can fit you in before Thursday?
The loving hearts are the real whores
On your doorstep the next day
They don’t speak the language of denial
Yet they talk SO much of promises
Your tears belong in a jar, sweetie
Make a pendant with your sentiment
And throw yourself off the pier
The affable ego is the only fixture
Make your presentation the highest of art
So Hollywood for those who want it bad enough
Dancing in the vacuum of spirit
In the sterilizing echo of plush clubs, padded lounges
Just in time to get back to the gym
Your shortest little dress rendered stain-free
Get your paycheck down on the bar
Warp yourself in the flash of the latest micro-fashion
Get your cock out! Underwear is out of season.
Everyone is everyone else’s type and accessible.
Rent your foreign car
Rent your trendy apartment
Rent your matching furniture
Rent your manicured pets
Rent your special savvy
Rent your precious time
Rent your self-inflating dignity
Easy payments, low rate financing!
Souls taken for collateral!
Oh… but let’s get back to serious matters?
You look fantastic.
God, you should model?
Oh you do? … Wow, where have I seen you?
How charming do I have to be?
How interested should I seem?
Is my hair right?
Am I breathing properly?
Are my teeth white enough to smile?
Oh yeah.
It’s always perfect if YOU say so.
Let’s take this somewhere.
Or maybe I can meet you later?
Or how about now, you feel ready?
You’ve got one chance to impress me.
One well-rehearsed story can sell the package.
In the causeway of dreams draining
The rains of rejected hopes far on the hills
We’ll have coffee on the couch by the sidewalk
And suck each other off at the Farmer’s Market!
Hating is such angry love.
Sweet grudging on each transaction.
Close your eyes.
This grinding gets the job done.
It’s a tough city to be beautiful.
So get yourself ugly.
Get yourself bloody.
And for the love of your selfish God,
Just don’t get a job.
Find a different pill for your mood.
Don’t age in the presence of others.
Don’t speak to me unless you’re witty and stunning.

Everyone is an accessory in Fuck City.


posted by Primessa Espiritu
9:24 pm

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