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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not everything is evil within the Fbook world. Through my thirty something contacts there is one Richard, quite sharp and talented fellow, who posted a link to the Guru site. More precisely, a link to a speech by Charlie. 

I have been going through it, visually, vertically, in random peeks, back and forth for a few days now. I understand why Richard decided to share it: the speech is oozing with twisted ephemeral truths. After viewing the video and listening to the mp3, I printed out the PDF (all available for free download on the Guru page) to find myself covering it with Crayola orange. I now understand why Richard invited everyone to pick just one quote from the speech. Quickly I replied with "Power is a great disguise." which at the time seemed to say it all. Perhaps I could have waited a few days before choosing. Perhaps I could have gone crazy after a few days in my mission to simply pick one out of so many solid ideas.

Will just one quote suffice to convince you to take a few minutes to view, listen or read this speech? Possible.

I am painfully conscious of the harm that occurs
when participating in the media with unclear
intentions. I do not want to be a salesman, I do not
want to scream, ‘Buy me!’ or, ‘Watch me!’ And I
don’t want to do that tonight. What I’m trying to
express – what I’d like to express – is the notion that,
by being honest, thoughtful and aware of the
existence of other living beings, a change can
begin to happen in how we think of ourselves and
the world, and ourselves in the world.
-Charlie Kaufman

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