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Monday, January 28, 2013

Dear Charlie,

The darkness that surrounds me is not a cell. It seeps to the center of my breath and steady on trajectory, it holds my heart. I am not hiding in silence. With every death occurring within my body, many different systems of thought cross my mind. With every tilt of my gaze, another face appears with a signature that begs recognition. Through darkness I let the ones I've felt fall away. It is the only way to stay...

Breathing new life into my visions, sent out and left to float around my field, pictures, songs, letters, one you so brilliantly threw my way, like stale bread, stays close. Hot hunter of words, Alphamaneric of the first order of Codes, bless your star. Combinations made by your pen sends lights up my spine. Like buttons, pressure on my sight. Circular, so gently, around darkly skies, lives this bright promise of Home.

The silence I pay today will pull back the pieces together once again. A launchpad for fireworks. My shoulders are weak beneath volumes of grievances collected from pocket watches, handkerchiefs, high heels, teddy bears and jars of vinegar. Like sun to fresh cut flowers, silence will drink up what it can and I will be left with only an empty shell to emerge from.

It has the potential to be noise, but it is far from it tonight.

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posted by Primessa Espiritu
12:59 am


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