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Maps, meetings and myst

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Curtain time is approaching for this summer season. I see myself having more time to work on my long-term projects. I was thinking about my family and friends theses past weeks and how our lives swing in and out of each others paths.

One of my plans is to write letters. I think it will be a nice change as many of you prefer material correspondence to electronic mail as well. This means my address book will have to be updated again…

Also on my list is travel. I’m planning to go somewhere warm this December with my family, or my women (as Curl would say). There will be much to celebrate and much to dissect. Specifically, this October, I will finally set foot in New York. The only true landmark I want to see, I must see, is central park. The rest is inconsequential.

The new web site is taking more time than I thought to pull together. I realized that there are parts of me spread across a larger spectrum than I had first anticipated. Some even that I had forgotten and will have to exhume.

posted by Primessa Espiritu
1:59 pm

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