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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sitting in 3 layers of clothing, with a head that feels like a water tank, I'm watching Storytelling.

I've just finished the first part, Fiction. Up to now, I think I picked out a decent movie.


"I don't know about what happened, Vi, because once you start writing, it all becomes fiction."

"I'm not an idiot, man. I watch TV." (holding a gun to his head.)

"I need to see this with an audience."

I've just finished the second and last part, non-fiction, and still think I fell on something worth my time.

I think.... I think reality TV is really sad. I think, the term "reality" is a broken vacancy sign above the TV screen. People tune in to see characters, not actors, being manipulated by script writers and sometimes by the audience. They are the new lab rats.

For your listening pleasure, we will pull and poke them, if that is what you want to see. We will be the evil hand in this, you need not feel guilt over it. Deus ex machina. These are real people dealing with real issues, we are just there to push them in the right direction.

Fiction is the new reality, isn't it?

If we take a daily tragedy, and televise it, we stare and what? We understand what we see but what difference does it make? Nobody will win an oscar for delivering that information. If you spin that same tragedy in a made for television movie, portrayed by really great actors, then it becomes a touching and compelling story. Maybe it gets noticed and then is turned into a full blown hollywood blockbuster... and then we can all remember and relive that sentiment whenever we have time to pick it up at the video store.

Reality isn't cutting it anymore, is it?

Second Life is a website I found on a blogbar. Welcome to the Matrix. I did not get around to signing up but I read it's presentations and saw a character create a guitar in the virtual world. It was interesting but I'd like some feedback from anyone who has tried it out.

What I understood is that some programmers created this virtual world in which you can create your image, your house, your job, your relationships and even invent things that are covered by their IP terms. You can go out on a date, go dancing, get a cup of coffee, buy land, sell land... Most activities you could do right now, except without the hassle of moving, or speaking, or getting wet.

Scary how addicted some people may get to this web. But...

Light Bulb.

If you can somehow harness the power of Second Life tools, if you can meet someone or create something tangible or even revolutionary and hold that element in your human life, then maybe it's worth the investment.


posted by Primessa Espiritu
10:43 pm


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