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Dirt devil

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Diego was in love with Amber. Amber was in love with Diego for years until yesterday when she could no longer handle the dirty dishes that had been sitting in the sink for two weeks.

She left a post-it note on the stack of cheddar covered Dollaramo china after coming to the conclusion that a cell-text would not translate as well as yellow on yellow. It read: Please clean out your baggage before calling me out.

Diego only found the note a few days later in the bottom of the tomato sauce covered sink. He stood above the dishes for a short eternity thinking about how Amber used to snore on the couch while he quietly made a mess in the kitchen. She sounded like an old rackety lawnmower.

Clubs and drunken women were the only way he could drown out the silence that was thickening his living room walls. Amber was still his first thought no matter where he woke up.

One Saturday afternoon he found himself in a household alley in a department store looking for something new and exciting. The neon lights made everything look quite cool and most of all unemotional. A large box in his arms he returned home and decided to finally text Amber on her phone. The note read: Don't forget to buy some dishwasher soap.

It was his way of reaching out to let her know that he wanted to hear her snore while he cleaned house.

All he had to do now was get the new vacuum cleaner out of the box and put the user manual in the recycling bag.

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