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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

see life pop up see life rage on see life make up see life hang see life burn see life bark at the sea life wave see life pick up where we left off see life turn back see life make a pit stop see life silently fade away see life line up see life add up all the remnants of my father's resistance see life like mittens purring on your front porch see life poke you in the eye see life search all the roads for a windshield to break see life mistake you for a knife in the road see life be a long laugh of relations see life shout as you drag it up to the roof see life hide in the woods see life kiss you off the case see life buy your book at the airport see life dream of falling in love with that little devil named Red see life look at itself in the question marked screen see life living this moment for a second time like a glitch see life in a blurred second see life break in the leg of a racehorse see life forgive the sister who spent all your money on her mason jar collection see life as a house see life as a movie see life as a boy see life as wolf see life as innocence hidden behind a red hood see life as quicksand in your bedsheets see life for what it's worth see life slide across your frets see life revolve around the moon see life print out your lucky numbers see life clean out your registry see life remind you of what you heard in 6th grade see life hum at the library see life randomly


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10:13 pm


Thursday, January 01, 2009

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3:51 pm


Is it bright where you are?

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