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Friday, October 05, 2007

How will I see everything I want to see?
I don't know if there is another city that has as many festivals as Montreal does, for music, theatre, dance, circuses, comedy, fireworks... just to name a few.
I was without a doubt going to see Matthew Good play next week, but today, I was thinking I might need to review the events calendar. Which is a thought that has never, ever, crossed my mind before.
I also wanted to visit Central Park near the end of the month (maybe catch Day for Night) but with everything that is going on, I don't know if I'll have the time, energy or money to do it all. Not to mention what's already on the table... I may need some kind of stunt double, if anyone is interested.
New item on the menu is the 36th nouveau cinema festival which will premier Jean Leclerc's Ice Cream. True to his art form, it's a film he wanted to produce his way, on his shoulder, free from "uncles and aunts" and, I assume, sticking to his own gunpoint vision. I would also like to see Anton Corbjin's first feature film Control and Ben Vandoorne's Incha Allah... If Neptune wills it.
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