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Lost in non-conversation

Friday, March 16, 2007

Y: I don't know... Sometimes I tell my self that all this is pointless... All in the end to do what? And... all in the "middle"/"midst of" to do what?

X: Well, I'm not a stranger to any of those feelings. All I can say is that my place is open if you want to crash over any time and that you shouldn't try to analyze any relationship. it kills anything that could be in the process... I’ve learned that the hard way. So now I try to go with the flow of things and appreciate people for who they are and not what they could be (what almost drove me crazy). That is all bullshit in the end because it seems my relationships keep changing anyways. So, no, there is no use in seeking out any relationship. But yea, knowing what you want and don't in your life is the best thing that you could ever figure out, no matter what. Like I’ve told someone previously, maybe life is a process of elimination? And that is why I got this black band on my finger, to not forget what I’ve learned about what I do and what I don't (I can easily forget when smitten).

Y: What do you mean by "you shouldn't try to analyze any relationship. It kills anything that could be in the process"?

X: Because being anal about anything kills any kind of special connection that is being made with people around you. I don’t care that David could be this or that, I know I can’t be with him romantically but know that I want him in my life as a friend. If I sit and analyze the shits out of our relationship, I could take him and myself too seriously and not see what is good in any of it. Just recognizing what I want and don't want takes the pressure away from analyzing any further. Am I making any sense? Dissecting is overanalyzing life. There is no fucking need for it. A frog is a frog. It is green and it hops around. It's good in it's own way. It's not good in it's own way also. I should just see[understand] it for what it is and decide if I want/like it or not. But it is not the frog’s problem if I decide I do not want it... unless it jumps on my plate. Then, I have to figure out a way to deal with that when and if it happens. Not before hand. Why bother overanalyzing what could be? Is that any clearer?

Y: Yes I think.


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1:07 pm


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