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A minute revival

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I spent the afternoon in a backyard with friends. So nice. We played Act One. I think I lost the game when I answered Rocky instead of Rambo.

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10:27 pm


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Everything you give
I throw away
I make a mess
of what you say

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8:00 pm

String (updated)

This is just a stub to remind myself to tell you about Iron & Wine... and friends, before csi.

It's coming. Working on it...

And remember: Jack over Justin.

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3:47 pm


Où est Charlie?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Shan, it was great spending the day with you, talking about the ungod, dream sequencing, and Lars. You’ll be glad to know that I think I have found another one for you. It has everyone you would want in a mockedy: Jason Schwartzman, Eddie Vedder (as himself), Jack White (not himself), Fred Paul Rudd, Jack Black and Justin Long.

Can you spot them?

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7:01 pm


Laisse tomber le dôme

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

T'imagines, habiter dans la nature, dans une petite cabane de branches. Tu t'ouvres les yeux et tu remarques des traits de lumière à travers les fentes irrégulières des "murs". Et tu respires, longuement, profondément et tranquillement tu sens la fraîcheur des feuilles qui eux aussi, transforment le soleil en rayons. Tu souris parce que tu as hâte de sortir de ta petite cabane.

La vie, ça se passe dehors. La cabane, c’est pour protéger la peau et les rêves. Alors, de la semi-noirceur d’un abri de branches, tu émerges dans la demi-lumière de la forêt. Avec ton corps athlétique, car c’est l’exercice physique que te permets de te nourrir, tu débutes ta marche. Pendant la journée, tu cours, tu escalades, tu plonges et si tu es futé, tu manges. Et ce que tu manges, tu le mange comme tu le veux, où tu le veux et quand tu le veux.

Lorsque tu reviens à la maison, le soleil revient à la terre. Tu reconnais les arbres, les pierres et même la mousse verte qui indique le nord. Et même si tes yeux se sont habitués aux ombres qui grandissent pour enfin en former qu’une, tu cherches la chaleur du feu. Pendant quelques instants ou moments, les flammes t’illuminent et te racontent la beauté de la journée. Tu te retrouves ensuite sous ton toit à regarder les étoiles et longuement, profondément et tranquillement tu hantes les branches.

Les matins suivants se suivent comme un train. Des fois tu souris à l’aube, des fois tu te mords la langue.

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1:58 pm

...get off at Elysian Fields

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Why, they told me to take a streetcar named Desire, 
and then transfer to one called Cemeteries 
and ride six blocks and get off at Elysian Fields."


Ali Zaoua prince de la rue

American Psycho

Amores perros

Annie Hall

Arizona Dream (Thanks Lucas)

Back To The Future

Before Sunset

The Big Lebowski
Bonnie and Clyde

Breaking the waves

Bubba Ho-tep
The Darjeeling Limited
Day for night

Dead Man (a western)


Dîner de cons

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain

The Fountain


Ghost in the shell (Anime)

La Haine
Harold and Maude

The Hours
House of Sand and Fog

Howl's Moving Castle

I Love You Phillip Morris

The Iron Giant
Innocent Blood

Into The Wild


Lars And The Real Girl

Little Miss Sunshine

Lola rennt

Lucky Number Slevin


Mary And Max

Me and You and Everyone We Know ...

Mixed Nuts



Monsieur Lazhar

The Motorcycle Diaries
My Blueberry Nights


Oman m'a tuer

Le Pari

The Princess Bride

Raging Bull

Seeking the current

Shallow Grave


The Straight Story
Sunshine (2007)



Toto le héros

There Will Be Blood

Underground (1995)

Venus Beauty Institute

La Vie après l'amour
Vita è bella

When Harry Met Sally

Winter Passing

Blog entries

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8:44 pm


Notsobad and Prettynice

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

As seen through another blog:

G. Garfield Crimmins "Notsobad and Prettynice Gather the Night's Dreams as Reason and Logic Watch"
This picture is an illustration from G. Garfield Crimmins' imaginary travelogue, The Republic of Dreams: A Reverie. While I would love to see more examples of Crimmins' work (the web doesn't offer much), this book is a true feast that will occupy me for quite awhile. In addition to the paintings and story, there are envelopes to open, fold-out maps, collages, and curious documents, all fashioned by the artist himself.


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6:52 pm


... is nothing like the Sun

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The 11th Hour Time Capsule

Zeitgeist was created as a non-profit filmiac expression to inspire people to start looking at the world from a more critical perspective and to understand that very often things are not what the population at large think they are. The information in Zeitgeist was established over a year long period of research and the current Source page on this site lists the basic sources used / referenced. Soon, an Interactive Transcript will be online with detailed footnotes and links so exact sources and further research can be relayed.


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10:24 pm


Saturday, September 01, 2007

I am a quantum mechanical experiment.


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3:44 am

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