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In due time

Sunday, October 22, 2006

...my forgetting could have damaged something that is still very fragile. I often do forget it, how strong one can look and how delicate the ice is around them.

So for all the people who are not me out there, this is for you: HUG.

This post is a hug for everyone who wants it and for all who need it. That is my little part of warmth for you today. Take this hug and carry it with you wherever you decide to walk to today. Transform it into a hand if you want. If you see someone who needs it, hold their hand and smile. It can work wonders. It has healing tendencies. This is a hug for all of those who stood next to me waiting for some time and attention and saw me walk away with a busy crisp jaw. This is a hug for my grandmother that I missed on the week-end due to my cold.

Human contact is a superpower that is in everyone's reach. Offer a hug to your loved ones this holiday season. Write a song about it and sing it while you wrap your arms around someone you care about. Sure this may sound silly to some. And to them, two hugs. And to those who think that that is stupid, three hugs.

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posted by Primessa Espiritu
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