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Where I End and You Begin

Monday, October 08, 2007

Ricky is a young man living in Montreal. He has dark hair and eyes, is thin and likes to drink coffee. I met Ricky today, for the first time. We met at a coffee shop. Two strangers, face to face.

A week ago or so, I sent out a message in a bottle, asking for a genie. Well he appeared when summoned and granted me one wish. Or was it a vision? This is part of what he wrote, some lines in the sand:

She is a beautiful soul like me. A keen observer of the world and our habits. An adventurer who understands that we must peer outside to really know what the temperature is like inside. His bloodstream is filled with nicotine and caffeine as mine is. I do it to cope with the terrors in my head. I can't say for sure if she feels the same. I drew a map of our conversation and future conversations to be had, locations on the map included the phrase "we are semi-automatic"a question mark, the internet, coffee shops to discuss more, and courage. Lots of squiggly lines connecting these things. There was much laughter breathed onto this map, and like a raincloud, it hovers over it and makes me smile to look over.

We discussed the internet, decided we love it and need to have a talk with the internet to help it improve itself. Its becoming slightly arrogant and needs a reality check. We discussed people and automatic responses and our laziness and fears. We talked about courage and what it is? She said we lack balls. I agree. I said its a courageous act to travel to the unknown. She asked if a soldier is courageous. I thought of my dad and moving to Canada with little money to start a new life with two young children and his courage to do so.

I start my own adventures. The rest, what happens next, I swear I could not invent it any better myself, if I was handed that control.

Read Ricky's journal entry here.

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posted by Primessa Espiritu
8:16 pm

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