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Monday, October 22, 2007

Part one:

Sweet room temperature wind... walking around the port today, going to visit the key master, I put one foot in front of the other. Without sunglasses, I thought of this last day of summer like the beginning of a new year. A new cycle with more ideas to tend to.

I also spent some time outside on the weekend. But most of it was spent in my living room, with my keyboard, my mic and this computer. I started working on what was to be a very short film, but after four hours, my computer froze and I was left with only 33 seconds of edited footage.

I will have to archive most of my folders and remove some programs (like Myst4) in order to give it another try.

Sunday breakfast with friends was nice, as always. There were stories to tell, one that included a thief that chooses to steal some weird ikea-like deco art (a white ceramic fist) instead of a dvd-player. We talked about my trip... I don't know if I will end up going. All this "plan ahead" business is giving me stomach aches. We also talked about my ability to step into someone else's state of being and articulate their feelings with words. (Look up sweetheart. (Header) If you weren't there, I wouldn't be here.)

Vivre Sa Vie.

I saw this movie friday. I want to see it again. Here is my favourite scene. ( I actually recorded it so I could listen to it on the bus tomorrow morning...)



I should be in bed. I slept two hours last night. What does it matter, really...

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9:45 pm

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